to do list:

  • chihiro/kate post for morgan
  • ven/vanitas post for rem
  • ven/aladdin post for spider
  • ven/bentham post for becca
  • mb reply to nevs open petunia thread w/ ven 
  • post sids app/shipper/stuff
  • yaxley app
  • darcy app
  • is that it?? ?? ? i think that might be it im not 100% sure ok

lip gallagher in order room service → as requested by darrencirss

01 Apr

‘Don’t do this’


“haha i fucked ur mom last night” “shut up dad”

29 Mar

[Hook: x4]
Zabini Mercy
Your chick she so thirsty
I’m in that two seat Lambo
With your girl she tryna jerk me


amazing grace (DRANK) how sweet (DRANK) the sound (DRANK) that saved (DRANK) a wretch (DRANK) like me (DRANK)